31 Deadly Weather Facts + A List Of The Most Dangerous Weather Events

May 22, 2011

I love finding interesting weather facts. The ones that I'm going to share with you in this post (unfortunately) have nothing to do with pretty rainbows, awesome sun dogs, amazing clouds, or beautiful sunsets. These facts cover some of the most dangerous and deadly weather conditions that many of us face each year. I'm talking about rain, snow, cold snaps, heat waves, lightning, hail, strong winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other deadly forces of nature! … [Read more...]

Have You Ever Used A Lightning Map? These Cool Lightning Strike Maps Show You Where Lightning Is Happening Nearby

Lightning Map

It was storming one afternoon when I decided to look for something that might help me find out how close the lightning bolts were outside. (They were really close... and the thunder was deafening!) I surfed the Internet on my mobile device and soon found a lightning strike map that gave me virtually real-time information on where the lightning was striking. I was testing the lightning map during the storm just to see how accurate it was. Wow... it was reporting nearby lightning … [Read more...]

Where Is Tornado Alley? Here’s What You Need To Know


Wondering if you live in Tornado Alley or not? Tornado Alley isn't an official region, per se. It's a name that many people, including meteorologists, have used over the years to describe a huge swath of land spanning from northern Texas to Canada, centering around Oklahoma and Kansas. That's where powerful tornadoes touch down with high frequency as the weather warms during the late spring and early summer. … [Read more...]

Lightning Safety Tips: 5 Ways To Stay Alive When Lightning Strikes

Lightning Safety

Lightning isn't just a startling light show in the sky. It's a potentially dangerous natural phenomenon that has injured and killed many people over the years. Don't let lightning strikes catch you off guard!   The Dangers Of Lightning Strikes Lightning dangers go beyond injuries and death to humans. Animals are also frequent lightning victims. Buildings can be severely damaged by lightning strikes, many times catching on fire. Forest fires are also often sparked by … [Read more...]

You Want Tornado Facts? Here Are 20 Interesting Things About Tornadoes I Bet You Didn’t Know

Tornado Facts

Knowing some basic tornado facts can help keep you safe during the months of spring and early summer, when tornadoes are most common in many areas of the United States. That's when tornado season is at its peak, though twisters can occur any time during the year.  Tornadoes are complex weather phenomena, as are the storms that produce them. There's much about tornadoes that meteorologists are still trying to understand about them so they can better forecast when and where they'll … [Read more...]

Ice Quakes, Ice Booms & Other Mysterious Winter Weather Phenomena… Should We Be Worried?


Have you heard a loud boom outside recently? If you're experiencing extremely cold winter weather, then you might be hearing ice quakes -- also called frost quakes. What's an ice quake? Scientifically known as a cryoseism, an ice quake (or frost quake) is a rare but surprising phenomenon that is caused when water seeps into the ground and then quickly freezes and expands, cracking the ground around it. … [Read more...]

Chemtrails & Cloud Seeding: The Scientific Reasons For Airplane Vapor Trails & Artificial Precipitation


It seems like people are talking a lot about chemtrails these days. Chemtrail: "a visible trail left in the sky by an aircraft and believed by some to consist of chemical or biological agents released as part of a covert operation." ~ Oxford Dictionary Most people usually also want to know what cloud seeding is and if the two concepts are related. Is any of the chemtrail conspiracy true? Just what is cloud seeding? And what else is going on up in the sky that we should know … [Read more...]