Weather History

Winter Storms Facts and Info Revealed


If you’re like many people seeking facts and info on winter storms, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of information out there on blizzards, nor’easters, clippers, and the other types of winter storm phenomena that take place every winter. As a weather buff myself, studying winter storm patterns intrigues me. But it definitely requires having to sort out tons of facts and info to better understand winter storms and the often blinding fury they can unleash. My goal as a … [Read more...]

What Climate Change Is & How It Impacts You

It's pretty hard to go more than a day or two and not hear the term climate change.We've gotten pretty used to hearing about climate change, but understanding what it really is and how it may impact you is another matter.Climate change has been a topic of discussion among scientists for decades now, though our understanding of climate change, how it works, and how it may be impacting us now or in the future is often up for debate.  … [Read more...]

Hurricane Rita 5 Years Later: Photos & Videos Of The Aftermath

Believe it or not, September 23 and September 24 mark 5 years since the landfall of one of the strongest hurricanes on records -- and we're not talking about Hurricane Katrina. Let's look at some devastating facts about Hurricane Rita: Hurricane Rita was the 4th-strongest Atlantic hurricane currently on record. Rita became the 3rd Category 5 Atlantic hurricane in 2005. Sustained winds in the storm reached as high as 180 MPH. 120 people died in the storm. Damages from Hurricane … [Read more...]

Early Arrival Of New England Fall Colors: A Sign Of Climate Change?

New England fall colors are arriving in usual bold fashion in the mountain regions. But what does it mean when colorful fall foliage begins arriving early?  Is it a sign of climate change? While early fall color might seem like a thing of beauty, some scientists think it may be an indication that trees are responding to climate change. Changes in long-term weather patterns, such as very hot summers and drought, can cause stress in trees, and that can result in the appearance of early … [Read more...]

Saving Our Ozone Layer: Phasing Out R22 Air Conditioning Refrigerant, Incandescent Light Bulbs & More

Have you heard about the phase out of R22 air conditioning & the need for R22 replacement refrigerants (freon) lately? Well, here's what that's all about... it's called the Montreal Protocol. The Montreal Protocol regulates substances that deplete the Earth's ozone layer -- like incandescent light bulbs and R22 freon.   R-22 is the refrigerant that has been most commonly used for decades in household air-conditioning systems, and the name is a reference to its chemical … [Read more...]

5 Facts About The Storm Of The Century

If you're of a certain age and you lived anywhere on the East Coast in the mid 1990s, you remember the Storm of the Century. However, if you don't recall the event or simply weren't affected, you may not know what all the hype about the storm really is about. Well, here are some facts about the Storm of the Century, which hit back in March 1993, that'll remind you why this storm was such a big deal: 270 people died, and 48 people went missing. The storm hit both The United States and … [Read more...]

How The Clean Air Act Affects You

You've probably heard about the Clean Air Act for decades. The Clean Air Act is a set of laws the United States has on controlling air pollution and keeping checks on overall air quality. If you've been curious about finding out more about the many laws and codes of the Clean Air Act and how they may apply to you, where you live, or where you work, check out the EPA's Clean Air Act online. Everything you want to know about the Clean Air Act -- and more -- can be found there. Smoke from … [Read more...]

‘Year Without A Summer’ Occurred During The Little Ice Age

Climate change has been the focus of much attention since the 1990s. But climate change doesn't necessarily always refer to only warming trends. In fact, any type of major, long-term shifts in overall global weather patterns are indications of climate change. Global warming has been at the forefront of the climate change arena, but Earth has also undergone periods of cooling. Perhaps one of the most significant -- and recent -- periods of global cooling was the Little Ice Age.   … [Read more...]

Spring 2010 Sprang With Near-Record Temperatures & Warmth

After a record-breaking cold winter for much of the nation, it looks like this past spring also has been making a name for itself -- with near-record temperatures of its own. From coast to coast, temperatures have been warm, though there have been numerous days particularly in the Midwest and Eastern United States where temperatures have broken records or, at the very least, threatened to break them. The Washington Post reports this was the second warmest spring on record, at 60.5 degrees on … [Read more...]

2010 Hurricane Predictions

OK, folks -- here it is: The 2010 Hurricane Season has officially started today. This year promises to bring an active season. And, unfortunately, we have a new dynamic to worry about in the Gulf of Mexico: where's all the oil from the spill going to go if a strong hurricane sweeps by? Of course, hurricane season doesn't need to be all gloom, but it never hurts to be prepared, right? Here are the latest National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) hurricane … [Read more...]