Chemtrails & Cloud Seeding: The Scientific Reasons For Airplane Vapor Trails & Artificial Precipitation


It seems like people are talking a lot about chemtrails these days. Chemtrail: "a visible trail left in the sky by an aircraft and believed by some to consist of chemical or biological agents released as part of a covert operation." ~ Oxford Dictionary Most people usually also want to know what cloud seeding is and if the two concepts are related. Is any of the chemtrail conspiracy true? Just what is cloud seeding? And what else is going on up in the sky that we should know … [Read more...]

Saving Our Ozone Layer: Phasing Out R22 Air Conditioning Refrigerant, Incandescent Light Bulbs & More

Have you heard about the phase out of R22 air conditioning & the need for R22 replacement refrigerants (freon) lately? Well, here's what that's all about... it's called the Montreal Protocol. The Montreal Protocol regulates substances that deplete the Earth's ozone layer -- like incandescent light bulbs and R22 freon.   R-22 is the refrigerant that has been most commonly used for decades in household air-conditioning systems, and the name is a reference to its chemical … [Read more...]

How To Check Your Local Air Quality Index


Curious what the air quality index is today near you? Find out the latest info about the Air Quality Index maps with the government-affiliated AirNow. AirNow gives updates on how healthy the air is and even has health info for areas affected by the BP oil spill. Why's air quality so important? Dirty air can be hazardous to your health. Check out this Guide To Air Quality And Your Health. Along with aggravating certain allergies, poor air quality can bring on all types of … [Read more...]

How The Clean Air Act Affects You

You've probably heard about the Clean Air Act for decades. The Clean Air Act is a set of laws the United States has on controlling air pollution and keeping checks on overall air quality. If you've been curious about finding out more about the many laws and codes of the Clean Air Act and how they may apply to you, where you live, or where you work, check out the EPA's Clean Air Act online. Everything you want to know about the Clean Air Act -- and more -- can be found there. Smoke from … [Read more...]

Smog Pollution And Fog: Weather Hazards To Watch Out For

In weather, a lot of words sound similar or seem to be related to each other and, yet, mean entirely different things.Fog and smog. Those 2 words sound a bit similar, and they even seem like they could mean the same thing, don't they? Well, while the smog pollution in Los Angeles may be as thick as the fog around the Smoky Mountains, fog and smog are 2 different things!  What Fog IsBefore I discuss smog and what smog pollution, let's first take a look at the fog and the different types of … [Read more...]

The Best Online Pollen Count & Pollen Allergy Tools


Hay fever, allergies, sneezing and watery eyes. For some people, pollen creates havoc in their lives making a good portion of the year an annual endurance test they'd rather not experience. My father suffered from asthma and found the pollen situation in Nebraska more than his lungs could tolerate. Our  family would move numerous times trying to alleviate the impact the seasonal changes in pollen level had on his ability to breathe. Today, forecasting trends in pollen distribution makes … [Read more...]