Where Is Tornado Alley? Here’s What You Need To Know


Wondering if you live in Tornado Alley or not? Tornado Alley isn't an official region, per se. It's a name that many people, including meteorologists, have used over the years to describe a huge swath of land spanning from northern Texas to Canada, centering around Oklahoma and Kansas. That's where powerful tornadoes touch down with high frequency as the weather warms during the late spring and early summer. … [Read more...]

5 Weather Science Facts Many People Get Wrong – Do You?

science facts

I was reading the results of a recent poll that indicated a quarter of Americans think the Sun revolves around the Earth, and I was left to wonder just how many science facts people get wrong. Granted, science is a tough subject. For the record, I’m no bona fide scientist. Rather, I’m a lifelong weather bug who loves to research and write about one of my favorite topics. And there are so many fun science facts about meteorology that I’ve learned over the years – some of which are contrary to … [Read more...]

Spring 2010 Sprang With Near-Record Temperatures & Warmth

After a record-breaking cold winter for much of the nation, it looks like this past spring also has been making a name for itself -- with near-record temperatures of its own. From coast to coast, temperatures have been warm, though there have been numerous days particularly in the Midwest and Eastern United States where temperatures have broken records or, at the very least, threatened to break them. The Washington Post reports this was the second warmest spring on record, at 60.5 degrees on … [Read more...]

April Showers Really Do Bring May Flowers!

April showers bring May flowers… Famous words which indeed state meteorological fact! Spring rain showers are the warm weather equivalent of the winter snow fall that blankets towns, cities, and country sides during the cold parts of the year. April showers nourish the blooming flowers and growing plants during the spring and herald the onset of rebirth that occurs throughout the nation -- as the cold of winter gives way to the warmth of the spring and summer.   … [Read more...]

Take These Fun Weather Quiz Tests To See How Much You Know About The Weather


Are you ready to test your knowledge of the weather? It's time to flex your brain with these fun-but-challenging weather quiz tests. Some of these may just have you scratching your head! Air Pressure Quiz - 5 questions about air pressure as it pertains to the weather. Atmosphere Quiz - 10 questions to see what you know about the Earth's atmosphere. Causes of Climate Change Quiz - Do you know what causes climate change? Climate Quiz --6 questions to test your knowledge about … [Read more...]

These Incredible Tornado Videos Will Blow Your Mind!

Springtime always brings one of the most-feared types of weather phenomena -- tornadoes. After you double-check your tornado safety plans, sit down and prime yourself for the heightened tornado activity by watching Mother Nature at its most amazing and destructive in these tornado videos. … [Read more...]

Tornado Watch vs Tornado Warning: What To Look For & How To Stay Safe


It's tornado season again! That time of year when damage and injury from high winds will likely strike with very little warning. Tornado season usually means the peak period for historical tornado reports in an area, when averaged over the history of reports. There is a general northward shift in "tornado season" in the U.S. from late winter through mid summer. The peak period for tornadoes in the southern plains, for example, is during May into early June. On the Gulf coast, it is earlier … [Read more...]

The Best Online Pollen Count & Pollen Allergy Tools


Hay fever, allergies, sneezing and watery eyes. For some people, pollen creates havoc in their lives making a good portion of the year an annual endurance test they'd rather not experience. My father suffered from asthma and found the pollen situation in Nebraska more than his lungs could tolerate. Our  family would move numerous times trying to alleviate the impact the seasonal changes in pollen level had on his ability to breathe. Today, forecasting trends in pollen distribution makes … [Read more...]

Ice Fishing In Early Spring Means Thin Ice… Don’t Do It!

The old saying, "You're on thin ice" usually means you're probably speaking of a subject matter best left alone. The reason behind the saying is obvious -- those who attempt to walk on thin ice are quite likely to be swimming in short order. Every year, many who head out onto frozen lakes in search of that one good fishing hole in the ice end up at the bottom of the lake -- trapped in their vehicle. There always seems to be that one guy who is oblivious to the rapidly approaching spring … [Read more...]

What Time Is It?… It’s Time To Change

It's time to change your burned-out lightbulbs, the batteries in your smoke detectors, flip the mattresses, clean out the gutters, and why not just schedule your next mammogram while you're at it? (They say it's good to schedule such things around pertinent dates, such as your Birthday... or Daylight Savings Time.) Each year, at 2 a.m. on the first Sunday in April, we spring forward an hour. Then at 2 a.m. on the last Sunday in October, we fall back an hour. If you're wondering what time it … [Read more...]