Ice Quakes, Ice Booms & Other Mysterious Winter Weather Phenomena… Should We Be Worried?


Have you heard a loud boom outside recently? If you're experiencing extremely cold winter weather, then you might be hearing ice quakes -- also called frost quakes. What's an ice quake? Scientifically known as a cryoseism, an ice quake (or frost quake) is a rare but surprising phenomenon that is caused when water seeps into the ground and then quickly freezes and expands, cracking the ground around it. … [Read more...]

Hurricane Shutters & Hurricane Windows: How They’re Different From Standard Windows And Shutters

Retrofitting your existing home or building a new one with the aim of resisting hurricane-force winds can be an expensive but worthy endeavor. One area many homeowners are especially prudent to focus on improving the durability of their windows and protecting windows and doorways from high winds and flying debris. The best way to ensure protection against brutally high winds is to install hurricane shutters and hurricane windows. But what's the difference between hurricane shutters and … [Read more...]

Ways You Can Fortify Your House To Make It A Hurricane-Safe Home

Hurricanes have the power to destroy homes and businesses with power sustained winds of more 74 miles per hour or more. However, you can have the power to restrict hurricane damage to your home by building a hurricane-safe home. Fortified construction has long been used in places like Florida, where hurricanes are a threat throughout hurricane season.   Hurricane-Safe Rooms Versus Hurricane Safe Homes Commonly seen today are hurricane safe rooms -- concrete bunkers that … [Read more...]

Lightning Strikes: How To Stay Safe During An Electrical Storm


Electrical storms happen everywhere in the United States, so there is really no escaping them. In fact, believe it or not, lightning kills 55% more Americans than tornadoes -- which come in at a 41% death rate for Americans. That's relatively high, so it behooves everyone to take electrical storms very seriously. If you're wondering how close an electrical storm is to you right now, check out this lightning strike map. Here are some tips for staying safe during an electrical storm, … [Read more...]

How To Make A Temporary Roof If Yours Gets Damaged By A Hurricane, Tornado, Or Severe Weather Storm


Do you live in an area where there are lots of tornadoes or hurricanes? We used to. Ever had the roof of your house damaged by high winds during a storm? Thankfully, we haven't (yet). But when we lived in Florida (especially when we were on the tiny little island called Gulf Breeze, near Pensacola) "roofs damaged by high winds" were a very common occurrence. I could never find any step-by-step details for making a temporary roof using a blue tarp. And I never understood how the tarp stayed … [Read more...]