Should We Be Naming Winter Storms? Why One Weather Watcher Thinks The Idea Is On Thin Ice

naming winter storms

There's been a flurry of attention lately about the move The Weather Channel has made on naming winter storms. The network, which has been on the air since 1982, has stood behind the move that has been getting frosty reviews by many. While as a Floridian I live in a state that is lucky if it sees a dusting of flurries once every couple of years, I am no stranger to the idea of naming storms. Do the names Andrew, Charley, or Donna ring a bell, anyone? Of course, here in Florida, we get … [Read more...]

4 Tips for Getting Your Roof Gutters Ready for Spring Snowmelt


Your roof gutters may have been designed to handle rainfall, but if you live in the northern climes, your gutter system may also have to handle winter storms and the subsequent melting snow. While the amount of snowmelt you experience will differ from year to year, melting snow nevertheless always poses hazards to you and your home. From falling ice that can damage your car to black ice that can form on the ground below your roof's drip line and cause potentially serious injuries, snowmelt … [Read more...]

Winter Storms Facts and Info Revealed


If you’re like many people seeking facts and info on winter storms, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the amount of information out there on blizzards, nor’easters, clippers, and the other types of winter storm phenomena that take place every winter. As a weather buff myself, studying winter storm patterns intrigues me. But it definitely requires having to sort out tons of facts and info to better understand winter storms and the often blinding fury they can unleash. My goal as a … [Read more...]

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Find interesting weather facts, safety tips & info about how the weather affects us on a daily basis. Plus, lots of seasonal ideas and fun things to do outdoors on our fun weather Facebook and Twitter pages: Follow @FunWeather on Twitter "Like" our Fun Weather Facebook Page   The Fun Times Guide to Weather on Facebook     … [Read more...]

Fun With Snow Crystals, Snowflakes & Falling Snow

Winter brings cold temperatures, ice, and -- yes -- lots of snow to most people living in the United States. So what do you do with all the white stuff cold weather sends your way? Have fun with it! Let's look at the many ways you can have fun with snow crystals.   Find Pure Delight With Snow Crystals! If you're faced with having to shovel 3 feet of snow off your driveway, you're probably laughing at the idea that one can have much fun with snow. Of course, ridding the … [Read more...]

Tell The Kids! NORAD Tracks Santa On Christmas Eve

Did you know that NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) tracks Santa Claus on Christmas Eve! Yes, dear old Saint Nick has been tracked on NORAD's radar screens ever since the 1950s... and the story behind NORAD's tracking of Santa Claus will captivate the heart! Let's find out more about why NORAD tracks Santa and what else this vital agency does to protect our nation and even help in producing weather forecasts.   Why NORAD Tracks Santa The historic timeline of … [Read more...]

5 Facts About The Storm Of The Century

If you're of a certain age and you lived anywhere on the East Coast in the mid 1990s, you remember the Storm of the Century. However, if you don't recall the event or simply weren't affected, you may not know what all the hype about the storm really is about. Well, here are some facts about the Storm of the Century, which hit back in March 1993, that'll remind you why this storm was such a big deal: 270 people died, and 48 people went missing. The storm hit both The United States and … [Read more...]

How The Jet Stream Influences Weather

You've probably heard about the jet stream, but maybe you aren't exactly sure what a jet stream does. Jet streams play a very important part in determining the type of weather we have. They're currents of wind which meander in the atmosphere 20,000 to 30,000 feet or more above the ground. If you watch your local weather forecast, you'll likely see the jet stream represented as a blue ribbon across the weather map. Because jet streams can drive the weather, meteorologists attempt to … [Read more...]

‘Year Without A Summer’ Occurred During The Little Ice Age

Climate change has been the focus of much attention since the 1990s. But climate change doesn't necessarily always refer to only warming trends. In fact, any type of major, long-term shifts in overall global weather patterns are indications of climate change. Global warming has been at the forefront of the climate change arena, but Earth has also undergone periods of cooling. Perhaps one of the most significant -- and recent -- periods of global cooling was the Little Ice Age.   … [Read more...]