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April Showers Really Do Bring May Flowers! | Weather Tips Guide

April Showers Really Do Bring May Flowers!

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april-showers-photo-by-aussiegall.jpg April showers bring May flowers… Famous words which indeed state meteorological fact!

Spring rain showers are the warm weather equivalent of the winter snow fall that blankets towns, cities, and country sides during the cold parts of the year.

April showers nourish the blooming flowers and growing plants during the spring and herald the onset of rebirth that occurs throughout the nation — as the cold of winter gives way to the warmth of the spring and summer.


What Causes Rain Showers?

Spring is a perfect time for rain showers to develop because it needs to be warm and moist for rain to fall.

As the spring mornings turn into spring afternoons, the weather gets warm and cumulus clouds form and gather in the sky.

When heating allows for the clouds to reach ever higher into the sky, these clouds become heavy with moisture.

Water droplets grow larger and larger. As these water droplets get too heavy to be kept in the sky, they fall as rain.

Many spring showers occur without thunder and lightning, but always be careful when going outdoors to enjoy a refreshing rain shower – often, a spring rain shower can develop into a spring thunderstorm!

Lightning is very dangerous, and you should head indoors right away if you see lightning or hear thunder.

Here are 5 reasons we should like rain.



April Showers In Pop Culture

OK, so if you haven’t gotten the song ‘April Showers’ stuck in your head yet, you’re about to be singing it all day after you hear Al Jolson sing this all-time hit in this video…


April showers even occurred in the famous 1942 Disney movie ‘Bambi.’ Drip drip drop little April shower…

Bambi - Little April shower (English)