Final Super Bowl Prediction

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football_small.jpgIt’s my formula and I’m sticking to it. This year’s Super Bowl will be a high scoring affair. It will be a shootout between Tom Brady and Eli Manning. In the end, though, it’ll all come down to pressure. High pressure. Remember, my prediction is for entertainment purposes only. Please, no wagering.

In my gut, I feel like Tom Brady and the New England Patriots can’t be beat. But the numbers don’t lie! New York simply has too much of a climatological advantage. That tied with their strong latitudinal position makes Eli Manning and the Giants a good pick for Sunday’s game. A storm system will move up the East coast on Saturday bringing snow to areas away from the coast. High pressure will build in behind the storm bringing a fairly homogeneous air mass to the region. That means the temperature difference between New York and Boston will be mainly a result of latitudinal advantage. That advantage goes to the Giants.

The Math:

New York Giants: Latitude 40.8&deg North, High Temperature Forecast 46&deg
New England Patriots: Latitude 42.4&deg North, High Temperature Forecast 39&deg

Giants Score: 46 – 2(42.4-40.8)
46 – 2(1.6)
46 – 3.2
42.8 …rounded to 43

Patriots Score: 39

Final Score: Giants 43 Patriots 39

For the specific formula, see the original article posted on January 4th.

By the way, just in case you’re interested in the weather in Phoenix for the game (it’s a domed stadium, so it doesn’t really matter), there’s a slight chance of showers with a high temperature near 60&deg.