Nacreous Clouds & Polar Stratospheric Clouds Are The Mother Of Pearl Clouds

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nacreous-clouds-photo-by-jeppe-salvesen.jpg Perhaps one of the most beautiful — and among the rarest — of clouds in the sky are nacreous clouds or polar stratospheric clouds.

Also called Mother of Pearl clouds, they are clouds that form in very cold regions of the northern latitudes.

Mother of Pearl clouds form approximately 10 to 15 miles above ground in the lower stratosphere.

Because the stratosphere has to be very cold for Mother of Pearl clouds to form, the regions of the Earth over which these clouds form must also be very cold.

Nacreous clouds can usually be seen in areas like:

  • Alaska
  • Canada
  • Scandinavia
  • Iceland

While it might take you a long time to be lucky enough to see one a Mother of Pearl cloud, you’ll be awestruck when you finally do see one.

Their beauty is beyond words and is unlike anything you’ve ever seen in the sky.




Here are some more pictures of nacreous clouds.