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How You Can Help Save The Rainforest And Slow Global Warming

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By Andrea

hiking-through-rainforest-by-Stig-Nygaard.jpg Long after the economy is back on its feet, we will still be dealing with the effects of global warming.

Some of the deadliest effects of global warming include the melting of the polar ice caps, economic consequences due to natural disasters, droughts, heat waves, and spread of disease. 

There are several possible solutions to stopping global warming, but curbing the destruction of the rainforest is at the top of the list.  

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Why are the rainforests so important in order to slow global warming?

Rainforests are the lungs of our planet. They absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and breathe out fresh, clean oxygen. This is important not just because we depend on oxygen to live, but also because by absorbing carbon dioxide, a precious ecological balance is maintained.  Source

While this is a known fact, forestation is still a major issue.

The Brazilian rainforests cover over 7 million square kilometers of land. 

That amount is still shrinking at an alarming rate because loggers are still causing irrevocable damage. 

Still, there are some companies that are working to bring rainforest shrinkage issues under control.  They are working toward sustainability and commitment to ethical practice when using the natural resources of the rainforests. 

This is partly the result of consumers being more conscious about the wood products they buy.  For example, purchasers in Europe want to know where wood products come from, and they want to see the paperwork attached to it. 

Managing the rainforests can be a volatile issue. Private property owners are troubled by land disputes. This includes violence.  In one incident, an American nun and a human rights activist were both shot by ranchers’ gunmen. 

Meanwhile, national parks, and Indian preserves lack protection from illegal governments.  In addition to this, the Brazilian government will have to decide who will manage the forests, as federal land will be farmed for the first time. 

You can help preserve the rainforests by being more selective about wood products you purchase.  This includes reducing your use of paper and asking for items made out of renewable wood sources. 




How To Stop Global Warming & Save The Rainforests