Scientific Super Bowl Outlook

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Everyone has their way of predicting who will win the Super Bowl. I have a system. It’s a system based on weather (surprise, surprise).

How the weather plays a part in the Superbowl.

And sometimes, it has been correct! It’s very scientific – but is for entertainment purposes only. Please, no wagering.

First, look at the forecast high temperature for the two cities with teams playing in the Super Bowl. If the high temperature is forecast to be 51 degrees or warmer, cut it in half. Next, subtract 2x the latitude difference between the two cities from the Southern city’s high temperature forecast. The numbers you get represent to predicted final score. My system has not exactly done a great job predicting the score, but more than half of the time, it predicts the right winner!


Last year, Indianapolis and Chicago battled it out in Super Bowl XLI. It was a cold day in the midwest! Indianapolis had a high temperature of 15 degrees, Chicago topped out at 3 degrees. There is exactly two degrees of latitude difference between the two cities. So….here goes:
Indy Score: 15 – (2×4) = 11
Chicago Score: = 3
Indianapolis, of course, won the game 29-17. So, my score is off, but the winner is right!

Two years ago, Pittsburgh beat Seattle 21-10. My formula suggested:
Seattle: High temp: 46 degrees Latitude 47.6
Pittsburgh high temp: 33 degrees Latitude 40.4
Pittsburgh Score: 33 – (2 x 7.2) = 19
Seattle Score: = 46

Not so good on that one.


This year’s Super Bowl, I believe, will feature Dallas and New England. It’s too early to make a weather forecast for February, so I’ll base the prediction on the average high temperatures for the two cities on that date:

Dallas: Average High 55 degrees Latitude 32.8
Boston: Average High 37 degrees Latitude 42.4

Dallas Score = 55/2 – 2(42.4-32.8)
= 28 – 2(9.6)
= 28 – 19.2
= 9

New England Score = 37

Final Score: New Enlgand 37 Dallas 9

We’ll update this forecast a few days before the actual game to reflect the actual forecast temperatures!

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