Final Super Bowl Prediction

Here’s my Super Bowl prediction! It’s highly scientific and has been proven to be accurate 50% of the time!

Global Warming Debate

The global warming debate gets hotter as two respected scientists battle it out in a debate in front of a group of meteorologists.

Scientific Super Bowl Outlook

Predicting the Super Bowl winner can be tricky business. So, why not use weather as your baseline? Here’s a surefire formula to predict the winner of any football game. This formula has been proven to work . . . about 50% of the time!

Funny Weatherman Videos

Here’s video footage of some wacky weathermen who pushed the limits of what’s ‘appropriate’ to be seen –and heard — on television while covering the weather: Mark Mathis, and Chad Meyers, plus the weatherman who just can’t hold it and has to go to the bathroom while he’s on TV, and the weatherman caught cussing on air.