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It may seem like common knowledge to most Americans, but a few southerners have no experiences with things like Snow Drifts. So, for the drift impaired, here's a quick explainer.

What is Hoarfrost and why does it form? WeathermanTim takes a look at a process called sublimation, something which can lead to a beautiful morning!

What are the chances of a white Christmas at your house? Statistics and forecasts help us figure that out.

Have you seen gropple before? It's also known as graupel or snow pellets. It's a strange combination of snow and sleet and ice falling from the sky.

Kids making snowman like only little kids know how... cute and small.

An example of government dollars hard at work -- a snow plow shoveling show.

My tribute to some of the most creative snow artists alive. Pictures of snowmen, snow women, and snow people... doing what snowmen do best: Hangin' out and enjoying the snow!


Do you know how long you can survive without food? Without shelter? Without water? Without air? You should teach everyone in your family The Rule of Threes in case you ever find yourself stranded and seeking rescue.

Here's a little fun you can have with a penguin who writes your message in the snow.