Super Bowl XLII: The Early Line (From A Weather Guy)

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The Super Bowl teams are now set. It’s still too early to give you the final “line” on the game, but I’ll give you my early line on the game.

Remember, this highly scientific prognostication is for entertainment purposes only. Please, no wagering.

Using the formula from the previous article, I’ll be making the early score forecast based on the average high temperatures for New York and Boston. A few days before the big game, I’ll update the forecast using the actual forecast highs.

New York City: Latitude 40.8 North Avg High Temp 39 degrees
Boston: Latitude 42.4 North Avg High Temp 37 degrees

NY Giants Score: 39 – 2(42.4-40.8)
39 – 2(1.6)
39 – 3.2
35.8 …. rounded to 36
NE Patriots Score: 37

New England wins 37-36

We might have had a bit of trouble forecasting the final score of the Packers – Giants game since the temperature in Green Bay was below zero most of the day. I might have to make an adjustment to the formula to make sure no team ends up with negative points!