Outdoor FunWeather 101

When does summer end? The calendar tells us one thing, but astronomy tells us something else. See how meteorologists officially determine the end of summer.

Hurricane Categories are used to estimate property damage (1 to 5 scale). See max wind speeds + Types of damage you can expect from 5 Hurricane Categories.

The ozone layer is found in the stratosphere and helps protect us from ultra violet light. Find out about the ozone hole and how nations around the world are helping to fix it.


The outer layer of our atmosphere (the exosphere) is a mysterious place between the atmosphere & outer space. See how high up it is & how scientists tell where outer space begins.

Fair weather cumulus clouds form when the weather is stable & good. These puffy white clouds mean its safe to go out and enjoy the outdoors w/o the risk of bad weather

Is heat lightning real? Is there such a thing as heat lightning? See what heat lightning is, what causes it, and why you can't hear thunder from it.

Atmospheric rivers are narrow streams of moisture in the atmosphere that can cause prolonged periods of heavy rain or snow.

Pineapple Express is the whimsical, nontechnical name of one of the most famous atmospheric rivers on the planet! Everything you want to know

Bomb cyclones are rapidly intensifying storms that can cause great destruction.

Wondering what a bomb cyclone is and why you're hearing more about bomb cyclones these days? Everything you want to know about this winter weather storm phenomenon.

Space hurricanes are a kind of aurora borealis, or Northern Lights, that occur closer to the North Pole and pour huge amounts of electrons into the upper atmosphere of the Earth.

A space hurricane is a type of aurora borealis (Northern Lights). Space hurricanes are cyclone-like auroras in the sky. Here's everything you want to know!