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I live in a hurricane evacuation zone, so I went to a hurricane shelter. Here's what I've learned firsthand about staying at an emergency shelter during a storm.

Fair weather cumulus clouds form when the weather is stable & good. These puffy white clouds mean its safe to go out and enjoy the outdoors w/o the risk of bad weather

Is heat lightning real? Is there such a thing as heat lightning? See what heat lightning is, what causes it, and why you can't hear thunder from it.

Wondering... is it going to rain today? And if so... what time is it going to rain today? Here's the answer, based on where you are. Best rain forecast sites & smartphone apps.

Atmospheric rivers are narrow streams of moisture in the atmosphere that can cause prolonged periods of heavy rain or snow.

Pineapple Express is the whimsical, nontechnical name of one of the most famous atmospheric rivers on the planet! Everything you want to know

Ever wonder why we get freezing rain instead of snow? Here's a look at the simple explanation behind winter's most dangerous form of precipitation: ice!

Fun DIY Halloween costume ideas for a weatherman (or a weatherman wannabee). Simple Weather costume ideas for kids & adults with photos & tutorials to make weather costumes yourself.

We've all heard lightning myths that just aren't true. I'm going to debunk 7 of them right now.... Here are 7 lightning FACTS you need to know to stay safe!

Here are 7 weird weather events we're hearing about lately -- deadly heat, record rain, monster hurricanes, firenados, record snowfall, chemtrails, and weird clouds.