The Amazing Life Of Ben Franklin: Weather Pioneer

You might know about Ben Franklin the inventor, but how about Ben Franklin — weather pioneer? Yes, Ben Franklin contributed many things to meteorology. His studies of weather patterns and other meteorological phenomena helped further our understanding of weather, with many of his theories and observations withstanding the test of time.

4 Perfect Weather Gifts Sure To Make Anyone’s Day

Weather gifts are great for those who love the weather. But if you’re not sure what to give the meteorologists you know and love, check out these awesome weather gift ideas sure to light up the weather bug in your life!

How Barometers Help Us Forecast The Weather

Barometers are a highly important tool in forecasting weather. Barometers measure air pressure, and the effects of air pressure can create all kinds of weather — from violent storms to pleasant cool days.

Snowflake Shape Can Help Us Understand Climate Change

Snowflake shape can be affected by pollution and other things in our atmosphere. But what makes snowflake shapes even more interesting is that scientists say we can use our understanding of how ice forms to learn more about future climate change.