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Is It Warm Enough To Swim Yet? Tips On What’s Good Swimming Weather

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By Joshua

When the weather starts getting warmer and the sun gets higher in the sky, one of the big questions many of us have is ‘what’s good swimming weather?’

It’s tempting to want to hop into a pool and take a few laps or get some sun from a floating chair in the water — especially after winter has kept us indoors for months!

There are, however, ideal temperatures for swimming — both, air temps and water temps.

Of course, having access to an indoor or heated pool makes all the difference in the world.

No matter the weather, an indoor pool is always a great place to be.

Heated pools can mean doing the backstroke or butterfly in even chilly weather.

But what’s the perfect outdoor swimming weather?

Here’s the info you’re looking for regarding the best outdoor air temperatures and outdoor water temperatures for swimming outside…

Best Air Temperature For Swimming

Everyone will have a different idea as to what ‘perfect swimming weather’ is.

After all, if you’re a member of the Coney Island Polar Bear Club, you may believe diving into a pool when it’s 25 degrees and snowing out is just dandy.

If you’re more inclined to tropical weather, you may think anything under 82 degrees is too cool for dipping toes into the water.

However, most people tend to find that there is a certain temperature range that makes swimming outdoors comfortable.

In fact, good swimming weather tends to fall on days that feature sunshine and air temperatures reaching into at least the 70s. This is when weather starts getting warm enough for most people to get into the pool. 

As the mercury hits the 80s, most people start find swimming outside comfortable.

Many areas in the United States hit the 90s at some point in the summer. This is when pools start transitioning from being a place for recreation to a place of refuge. Yes, a dip in the pool is a great way to refresh when the temperatures can be classified by some of us as scorching — or oppressive!

Best Water Temperature For Swimming

While air temperature is one consideration, the water temperature is another important factor in deciding when it’s best to go swimming outside.

Knowing what comfortable water temperatures are good for swimming is vital.

Check out the water temperature ranges below to get an idea as to when you’ll find it most suitable to go for a swim outside:

  • A water temperature of 64 degrees and below is downright cold.
  • 65 to 70 degrees for a water temperature is often considered very cool.
  • A pool water temperature range of 78 to 82 degrees is common and comfortable.
  • 84 to 86 degrees is the water temperature of many hotel pools.

If you’re a weather geek like me, you might be interested in how temperature and humidity affect air pressure.

Now that you know what most people consider comfortable air temperatures and water temperatures for swimming outdoors, it’s time to break out the goggles and the snorkel and dive in!