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I'm a weather geek from Florida who's been studying meteorology and watching weather patterns for years! I enjoy sharing little-known facts and fun stuff about the weather. I especially like sharing interesting details about weather events and conditions that can affect you... and how to prepare for Mother Nature's ever-changing weather patterns.

Hurricane Categories are used to estimate property damage (1 to 5 scale). See max wind speeds + Types of damage you can expect from 5 Hurricane Categories.

Total vs Partial Solar Eclipse: The difference between total and partial solar eclipses. Is a partial solar eclipse worth seeing? Worth traveling for? (YES)

What's perfect swimming weather? Check out what most people consider comfortable air temperatures and water temperatures for swimming -- then break out your goggles and snorkel!

The Little Ice Age brought about a major climate change and centuries of cooler weather -- including the 'Year Without A Summer.'

Record temperatures are usually either hot or cold. Here are 10 record temperatures from both sides of the thermometer.

The ozone layer is found in the stratosphere and helps protect us from ultra violet light. Find out about the ozone hole and how nations around the world are helping to fix it.

None of these 7 tricks are necessarily scientific, but they certainly are fun to try. Who knows? They might really help make it snow! Plus, 8 fun things to do in the snow with kids.

Looking for a great fall foliage map, so you can track autumn colors near you or in places where you might be traveling? Here are the best fall leaf maps.

There are 4 main fall foliage regions across the United States. See which fall foliage map is the best for tracking colorful autumn leaves near you.