10 Record Temperatures: Cold Record Low’s & Hot Record High’s

by Joshua

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Record temperatures happen frequently, depending on what type of record you're talking about.

On some winter days you’ll swear it’s 50 below at your house.

Come summer, though, you’re standing outdoors and quite sure it’s at least 110 in the shade.

But are these record temperatures?

Well, they might be record temperatures for your city, state, or… um… front yard.

Let’s look at 10 record temperatures — both record hot temperatures and record cold temperatures — from around the United States:

Note: All temperatures are measured in degrees Fahrenheit

The Hot – High Record Temperatures

  • California: 134 degrees in 1913
  • Florida: 109 degrees in 1931
  • Kansas: 121 degrees in 1936
  • Tennessee: 113 degrees in 1930
  • Washington: 118 degrees in 1961

The Cold – Low Record Temperatures

  • Alaska: -80 degrees in 1971
  • Delaware: -17 degrees in 1893
  • Maine: -48 degrees in 1925
  • Utah: -69 degrees in 1985
  • West Virginia: -37 degrees in 1917