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Following are some ways that you can protect your home and your property from a wildfire. Remember, these are things you'll need to do now... BEFORE a wildfire is present.

Getting struck by lightning is no joke. Here's how to avoid being struck by lighting outside, and how to protect yourself indoors during a lightning storm.

Is heat lightning real? Is there such a thing as heat lightning? See what heat lightning is, what causes it, and why you can't hear thunder from it.

Is a sandstorm the same as a dust storm? How & where do sandstorms occur? What does all the sand that gets blown away during a sand storm go? Answers here!

Here's video footage of some wacky weathermen who pushed the limits of what's 'appropriate' to be seen --and heard -- on television while covering the weather: Mark Mathis, and Chad Meyers, plus the weatherman who just can't hold it and has to go to the bathroom while he's on TV, and the weatherman caught cussing on air.

Fun DIY Halloween costume ideas for a weatherman (or a weatherman wannabee). Simple Weather costume ideas for kids & adults with photos & tutorials to make weather costumes yourself.

A snow house is made very similar to an igloo, except it is rectangular and doesn't include a roof. Last year, we made 2 snow houses which became castles and forts that all of the kids in the neighborhood enjoyed playing in.

Fun snow activities to enjoy with your kids! See how to make colorful snow art, fun snow sculptures, a backyard skating rink, and lots of other fun winter snow games to play with kids.

Thinking of becoming meteorologist one day? Behind-the-scenes tours of TV weather stations + Tips to help you become a meteorologist or weather person.