How To Build A Snow House Or Snow Fort With Kids

A snow house is made very similar to an igloo, except it is rectangular and doesn’t include a roof. Last year, we made 2 snow houses which became castles and forts that all of the kids in the neighborhood enjoyed playing in.

Weather-Related Halloween Costumes You Can Make Yourself (…More Than 50 Unique Ideas!)

Fun Halloween costume ideas for a weatherman (or a weatherman wannabee). Think along these lines: hurricane, sun, flood, mother nature, global warming, earth day, hail, clouds, snow globe, el nino, weatherman, tsunami, rain, snow, mother earth, blizzard, lightning, wind, stormy weather, rainbow, tornado, weather forecast, snowman, snowflake, wind turbine and solar panel costume ideas!

See Why An Overpass DOESN’T Make A Good Tornado Shelter!

Have you seen the famous tornado video of a TV film crew taking shelter under an overpass during a tornado? These videos show why an overpass is NOT a good tornado shelter when you’re driving in your car. Overpasses are death traps during tornadoes.