Top 10 Survival Kits (…And Why Everyone Should Have One)

Here’s a summary of some of the best survival gear and survival kits for those who enjoy the great outdoors. You’ll find the Top 10 Survival Kits for home, work, and travel… as well as the 8 Best Survival Tools that could save your life.

5 Ways To Protect Your Home & Property In The Event Of A House Flood

Doing these 5 things will help to ensure that your property is not seriously damaged in the event of flooding. These things will also protect your family from fires, sewage contamination, and having to spend thousands of dollars replacing systems within your home after a house flood.

What Is An Indian Summer?

While Indian Summer is not the formal name of any time of year, it is a commonly used expression that describes the sunny, warm days of fall after the color of the leaves start to change and after a frost, but before any snowfall has occurred. See when Indian Summers occur, where they occur, and what they signify.

Warm Winter Tips For Surviving The Cold

Here are some tips to help you get prepared in the event cold weather rudely barges in to your neighborhood. Here, you’ll find everything from tips to stay warm, to a list of links to online stores selling cold weather gear.