Top 10 Survival Kits (…And Why Everyone Should Have One)

by Lynnette

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lifegear-wings-of-life-backpack.jpg I saw this on CNN

It was a summary of some of the best survival gear and survival kits for those who enjoy the great outdoors.

In light of the heroic, yet tragic story of James Kim (his survival efforts were superhuman), it only makes sense to keep items like these on your person whenever you go out & about. (Even if you only keep them in the trunk of your car.)

The LifeGear company is a consumer brand that was created to provide families and individuals with the best emergency and disaster preparedness products. Their products are designed to provide the most practical and effective survival solutions at affordable prices.

Their motto is this:  Peace of mind, wherever you go.

life pack

Whether that peace is in your own mind when you’re out & about, or in the minds of your loved ones who might be worrying about you when you’re away from home — survival kits like these could make all the difference in how quickly help reaches you and whether or not you survive at all.


Life+Gear provides high-quality products to help you and your family prepare for emergencies, whether at home, at work, or out having fun.


The 10 Best Survival KITS:


2-Person Deluxe Home Emergency Survival Kit with Backpack



Survival In A Bottle

survival in a bottle


AAA Road Adventurer Emergency Kit



Wings Of Life Backpack



Super Ark – Survival Kit – 1 Person For 3 Days



Sports & Outdoor Survival Kit For The Outdoorsman



4-Person Backpack Emergency Survival Kit



2 Person Ultimate Deluxe Backpack Emergency Kit


Emergency Survival Kit Backpack


4-Person Deluxe Home Emergency Survival Kit



The 8 Best Survival TOOLS:


6-in1 Personal Safety Device


Emergency Thermal Blankets


Emergency Crank Radio


Crisis Preparedness Handbook: A Complete Guide To Home Storage & Physical Survival


Waterproof LED Flashlight


heatmax-cold<br /> -weather-heat.jpg
Cold Weather Heat Packs


U.S. Army Survival Manual


Magnesium Survival Fire Starter


Helpful Survival Tips