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Even if blizzards are infrequent where you live, you should always be prepared for a bad winter storm -- just in case. Here are 10 things everyone who lives in a wintery state should do... now!

I live in a hurricane evacuation zone, so I went to a hurricane shelter. Here's what I've learned firsthand about staying at an emergency shelter during a storm.

Don't gamble on the weather! Weather insurance protects you from delays & cancellations due to rain, snow, temps, wind, event cancellations & travel delays.

Hurricane Season

Paying attention to the hurricane forecast? There are 5 important new storm forecast changes for hurricane season. See what the changes are, why they were made, and how they affect you.

The best survival kits. Everyone should have one - especially if you enjoy the outdoors. The 10 best survival kits for home, work, and travel + The 8 best survival tools that could save your life.

I'm a weather bug living in Hurricane Alley, and I recently bought a Midland WR-120 weather radio. Here's why I think it's one of the best weather radios.

One of my friends describes her scary experience of being struck by lightning during pregnancy. And I have some lightning safety tips if you're caught outside

Storm Surge

A storm surge is the bulge of water that rises under a hurricane or tropical storm when it makes landfall. Flooding causes the most damage. How to stay safe

Weather Disasters Food

What's the Waffle House Index? Why do we rush to buy milk & eggs before a storm? How do restaurants fare during bad weather? How is Wawa helping first responders?