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As a homeowner, I primarily write about weather safety tips that everyone should know in order to protect their home and family during major weather events. I especially like to share seasonal "outside the box" ideas that most wouldn't think of in the Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall. The weather events I've personally experienced include: Hurricanes (while living in Florida), Tornadoes (while living in Indiana, Texas, and Tennessee), Earthquakes (while visiting California), Blizzards (while living in New York and Indiana), and Flooding (while living in Tennessee).

Now you can bring your snowflakes inside, thanks to this clever little trick! See how to save snowflakes for 10 years or more with these instructions.

Getting struck by lightning is no joke. Here's how to avoid being struck by lighting outside, and how to protect yourself indoors during a lightning storm.

Here's video footage of some wacky weathermen who pushed the limits of what's 'appropriate' to be seen --and heard -- on television while covering the weather: Mark Mathis, and Chad Meyers, plus the weatherman who just can't hold it and has to go to the bathroom while he's on TV, and the weatherman caught cussing on air.

Fun DIY Halloween costume ideas for a weatherman (or a weatherman wannabee). Simple Weather costume ideas for kids & adults with photos & tutorials to make weather costumes yourself.

Don't gamble on the weather! Weather insurance protects you from delays & cancellations due to rain, snow, temps, wind, event cancellations & travel delays.

The best survival kits. Everyone should have one - especially if you enjoy the outdoors. The 10 best survival kits for home, work, and travel + The 8 best survival tools that could save your life.

Want to know what the wind chill is outside? Or how close you are to lightning? These online weather calculators are FREE!

starry night-gadget

Starry Night is a fun online tool that explains exactly which stars and planets are appearing right now above your house (or hotel, or boat, or camping tent... or wherever you might be).

Find interesting weather facts, safety tips & info about how the weather affects us on a daily basis. Plus, lots of seasonal ideas and fun things to do outdoors on our fun weather Facebook and Twitter pages!