How To Capture And Save Snowflakes

Now you can bring your snowflakes inside, thanks to this clever little trick! See how to save snowflakes for 10 years or more with these instructions.

Tornado Shelters & Safe Rooms: Choosing The Best Storm Shelter For Your Home

A tornado room — or safe room — is built inside your home, while a tornado shelter is separate from the home and can either be built underground or above ground. Both rooms and shelters can protect you from winds up to 250 mph and from flying objects moving at 100 mph. By the way, it’s the missile-like flying objects that are the most dangerous effect of tornadoes!

Fun Things To Do With Clouds

On a blue sky day, with white billowy clouds overhead, and some fun ‘props’ at hand, let your imagination run wild to create your own photo masterpieces. Here are a few examples of unique cloud pictures that you can create yourself!