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Weather-Related Halloween Costumes You Can Make Yourself (…More Than 50 Unique Ideas!)

If there’s a weatherman in your family (or a weatherman wannabee), then it will be pretty easy to come up with some rather unique weather costumes yourself for Halloween.

This Mother Earth costume is one of a hundred or so DIY weather costumes featured here.

For the rest of us who need a little extra help, try brainstorming some weather costume ideas along these lines:

  • hurricane
  • flood
  • mother nature
  • global warming
  • earth day
  • hail
  • clouds
  • weatherman
  • tsunami
  • rain
  • snow
  • mother earth
  • blizzard
  • lightning
  • wind
  • stormy weather
  • tornado
  • solar system
  • snowman

Would you like to see some ideas from others who’ve made weather costumes along these lines?

Check these out…

sun halloween costume

Hopefully, the following 50+ weather Halloween costumes will trigger some other ways that you could make the same (or similar) weather costumes yourself. After all, it’s the personal touch and creativity that goes into making the costume uniquely yours that makes choosing one costume over another so much fun, right?

One thing’s for sure… if you pick one of these Halloween weather costumes this year, you’ll be the only one in that costume! On the other hand, if you choose one of the “most popular” Halloween costumes (like everyone else does) — then you’ll hardly be noticed.

Which do you prefer?

General Weather Costume Ideas

fog for cloud costume for halloween - diy weather costumes

Tornado Costume Ideas

tornado costume - diy weather costumes
This is a homemade lamp costume - great for a DIY global warming costume. (The sign says, “Turn It Off!”)

Global Warming Costume Ideas

Mother Nature & Mother Earth Costume Ideas

mother earth costume - diy weather costumes