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Getting struck by lightning is no joke. Here's how to avoid being struck by lighting outside, and how to protect yourself indoors during a lightning storm.

Fair weather cumulus clouds form when the weather is stable & good. These puffy white clouds mean its safe to go out and enjoy the outdoors w/o the risk of bad weather

Is heat lightning real? Is there such a thing as heat lightning? See what heat lightning is, what causes it, and why you can't hear thunder from it.

Fun DIY Halloween costume ideas for a weatherman (or a weatherman wannabee). Simple Weather costume ideas for kids & adults with photos & tutorials to make weather costumes yourself.

We've all heard lightning myths that just aren't true. I'm going to debunk 7 of them right now.... Here are 7 lightning FACTS you need to know to stay safe!

One of my friends describes her scary experience of being struck by lightning during pregnancy. And I have some lightning safety tips if you're caught outside

Have you ever seen & heard lightning and thunder during a snowstorm? That's thundersnow! See how thundersnow storms are different from regular thunderstorms

The most dangerous weather events are lightning, tornadoes, winter storms, extreme heat & floods. These 31 deadly weather facts prove it! Protect yourself.

Want to see how close lightning is? Use a lightning map! Here are some FREE lightning strike maps, apps, and guides to help you keep an eye on the lightning