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Starry Night: A Free Tool To Identify Stars & Planets In The Night Sky Above You While Stargazing

by Lynnette

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starry night-gadgetMy friend Andy is an astronomy buff. I am not.

That’s why I love it when he reminds Jim and I of the best nights that we can see the coolest things in the skies above. (You know, like meteor showers projected for our area, eclipses, etc).

I thought I’d share with you one of the coolest tools that Andy found.

It’s called Starry Night.

It explains exactly which stars and planets are appearing right now above your house (or hotel, or boat, or camping tent… or wherever you might be). In our case, it’s our hot tub!

Here are some great stargazing tips:


How Starry Night Works

It starts out showing the skies above Toronto, Canada.

All you need to do to change it to your area is enter your own Zip Code then change to the current time and the map will update automatically.

If you want to, you can choose specifically what you want to see:

  • Planets
  • Stars
  • Constellations

When you see the picture, then click N, S, W, or E to view each sky separately.

Try Starry Night yourself!


More Fun Ways To View Starry Night

There’s also a Google Gadget for Starry Night, so you can view this information any time from your Google homepage.

Get Starry Night for your iPhone.

View Starry Night on a Mac computer.

Here is Andy’s review of the Starry Night tool.


Other Fun Night Sky Tools