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Travel Weather Insurance: How Does It Work?

I saw a report a week or so ago on ABC News about weather insurance.

Sometimes it’s referred to as vacation insurance or travel insurance.

Several online companies are offering what they call “vacation insurance,” deals in which they will reimburse any parts of a vacation that are ruined.  “We will cover them if their vacation is rained out,” Jeff Boyd, CEO of Priceline.com, told Good Morning America.  — ABC News

These days, more and more companies and services are providing weather insurance to protect you from things like rain delays at sporting events and concerts, as well. And companies are even offering weather insurance for those times when a complete change of plans are required (due to the weather) at your own outdoor events, including weddings.

Following is all of the best info I could find about weather insurance…

Travel insurance can be purchased from travel agents, travel suppliers (airlines, hotels, cruise lines, tour operators) a private insurance firm, insurance brokers, or online. Travel insurance generally costs from 4% to 8% of the total trip.U.S. Travel Insurance Association (USTIA)

Where To Get Weather Insurance

For the record, most of these (but not all) accommodate more to the needs of the professional business owner or event planner. Meaning… weather insurance is generally provided for major events hosted by corporate America or very wealthy individuals. But not always.

A travel agency store

If you’re looking to purchase some weather insurance, start here:

  • Trip Insurance Store – no matter what causes your trip to be delayed, cancelled, or interrupted, these travel insurance experts will cover you
  • Climate Fieldview’s WeatherBill – primarily for farmers, they provide weather coverage based on drought, excess rain, heat, or freeze to protect you from specific weather risks
  • Tokio Marine – event weather insurance to protect revenue losses caused by adverse weather conditions that reduce attendance and the sales of concessions, food, and parking
  • Insure My Trip – compare travel insurance prices from 21 different travel insurance providers
  • WedSafe – wedding cancellation insurance due to weather, no-show vendors, accidents, and more
  • EventSured – event insurance for weddings, vendors, and trade shows with zero deductible
  • Travel Insurance Services – a national insurance agency/brokerage that provides travel-related insurance solutions for individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses worldwide

Did you know?… You can even buy travel insurance while you’re in the middle of your trip. Yep, you can buy and claim online with travel insurance from World Nomads.

Gambling On The Weather

The only “catch” when it comes to weather insurance is the fact that you have to purchase it way in advance. So it doesn’t work for the procrastinators out there.

Plus this means, in effect, that you’re gambling on the weather.

Yep, weather insurance has become a form of legalized gambling! Weather has become “risky business” and the temperature has become a “commodity”.

The Science of Long-Range Weather Forecasting


As it turns out, long-term weather forecasting is a very serious business! And there’s quite a “science” to predicting weather forecasts way into the future.

For example, did you know that businesses pay big bucks to Weather Trends so they’ll know what the forecast will be one year in advance?

Some of the companies utilizing this service are:

  • Walmart
  • Anheuser Busch
  • Sherwin Williams
  • Kohls
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Citigroup
  • Sams Club

According to Bill Kirk, CEO of Weather Trends, “These are huge corporations that, for 6 years … for the fees we charge if we were wrong, they wouldn’t subscribe next year.”

In fact, there is different criteria between long-range and short-range forecasts:

Traditional meteorology, as you know, does not work beyond 14 days. You cannot use that to project next year’s weather. So, we have a proprietary process — statistics, math, climate, secret formula, if you will — that projects these trends … The information that’s available in a longer term is much more of the trend variety, so the temperatures will average above or below normal, or a heat wave or a cold wave. It’s nothing specific, as in short-range. Bill Kirk, CEO of Weather Trends

And finally, check this out…

It’s a fun weather predictor that can be used to help you plan a wedding, a vacation, or some other outdoor event, based on the long-range forecast. Yep, now you can choose a day it won’t rain — with 85% accuracy!


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