Travel Weather Insurance: How Does It Work?

How do you feel about gambling on the weather? If you’re afraid that your event or travel plans might get canceled due to the weather, you can buy weather insurance to protect you. Travel weather insurance protects both your event and your travel from delays and cancellations due to bad weather! (Includes rain insurance, snow insurance, temperature insurance, wind insurance, severe adverse weather and event cancellation insurance, as well as travel insurance and trip insurance.

Home Flood Insurance: Answers To All Of Your Flood Insurance Questions

Your homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage. Without home flood insurance, you could end up paying $311 a MONTH for a disaster home loan in order to get your life back in order after a flood, whereas if you’d had flood insurance, you would have been paying an average of $370 a YEAR – even less in low to moderate risk areas!

5 Ways To Protect Your Home & Property In The Event Of A House Flood

Doing these 5 things will help to ensure that your property is not seriously damaged in the event of flooding. These things will also protect your family from fires, sewage contamination, and having to spend thousands of dollars replacing systems within your home after a house flood.