Fall Foliage Map Guide: Find The Best Fall Colors In Your Neck Of The Woods


When Labor Day beckons and the pumpkin spice coffee starts to hit Starbucks and Wawa stores in my neck of the woods, my mind turns to cool mornings, colorful leaves, and looking for a good fall foliage map. Even here in Central Florida, we actually do experience a delicious taste of autumn, even if the cooler air doesn't really arrive until October and the leaves aren't as vibrant as they are 500 0r 1,000 miles to the north. Fall foliage in Florida offers a sparse but pretty variety of … [Read more...]

What’s The Fall Weather Report? Find Out Here!

fall weather report

What’s the fall weather report look like in your neck of the woods? Cooling, with a chance of winter toward the end of the forecast… But, seriously, where do you turn for the latest updates on fall weather? As a fall fanatic myself, I normally spend much of my free time on the internet between the months of August and October checking out the latest information on fall foliage report sites, fall color trackers, and climate data banks. In most parts of the country, the weeks immediately … [Read more...]

See Those Autumn Colors: Vacation Ideas For Fall Destinations

Autumn weather brings changing fall colors. And with fall colors come terrific opportunities to plan vacations around the beautiful symphony of foliage hues which vibrantly show off reds, oranges, yellows, and purples in many areas around the country. If you're planning to go on a fall color tour or are thinking about taking a vacation this autumn, be sure to find out more about some spectacular fall destinations that'll be sure to provide you a lifetime of memories.   … [Read more...]

Early Arrival Of New England Fall Colors: A Sign Of Climate Change?

New England fall colors are arriving in usual bold fashion in the mountain regions. But what does it mean when colorful fall foliage begins arriving early?  Is it a sign of climate change? While early fall color might seem like a thing of beauty, some scientists think it may be an indication that trees are responding to climate change. Changes in long-term weather patterns, such as very hot summers and drought, can cause stress in trees, and that can result in the appearance of early … [Read more...]

10 Incredible Places To See Fall Foliage + U.S. States With The Best Colors

Fall foliage is taking the stage and beginning its beautiful spread across the northeastern and western United States. So where are the best places to see fall colors? The Huffington Post suggests 10 great places to enjoy colorful fall foliage (in no particular order): Aspen, Colorado The Catskills in New York Columbia River Gorge Oregon Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee & North Carolina … [Read more...]

What Is An Indian Summer?

There are many terms and phrases used when discussing weather and meteorology. Many you may have heard before. In fact, some of these terms (sleet, hurricane, lightning, barometer) you've probably heard of since your youngest years and easily understand. Other terms, however, you may not have heard of, or perhaps you realize that you never really knew what they meant. This is especially true for "regional" terms -- weather words used frequently in one part of the country, but not very … [Read more...]

4 Fun Fall Activities For Kids & Ways To Enjoy The Autumn Weather With Your Children

Fall is a special time of the year. For many, it represents Mother Nature's last hurrah before the white hues and biting freezes of the winter set in. For others, fall means harvest time.Fall also is synonymous with the scent of cinnamon; colors of red, orange, and yellow; and scenes of pumpkin carving and wreath making.Whatever fall means to you, the autumn season is a wonderful time to get together with your kids.Here are 4 fun ways that you can enjoy the fall colors with your … [Read more...]

Fall Foliage Report: Tips For Tracking The Fall Colors


Perhaps you're wondering how the weather affects fall colors and how foliage actually changes colors in the fall. Ever hear of chlorophyll? Chlorophyll is a chemical that gives leaves their green color. In fact, chlorophyll is partly responsible for making green grass stains in your sock and pants. Chlorophyll is a vital element in photosynthesis (in very simple terms, the process in which leaves use sunlight to make sugar). So, when chlorophyll is being produced, leaves remain green. … [Read more...]

New England Fall Foliage Tours… By Train!

There's no place on Earth quite so lovely as New England in autumn. My husband and I took a trip to New England to do a little leaf peeping. We had heard that this was a marvelous area for autumn foliage and it far exceeded our expectations. Instead of driving through winding country roads to take in the scenery (as we had done in the past), we chose to leaf peep by train. Come along on a leaf peeping tour of New England... by train!   … [Read more...]

4 DIY Autumn Home Decor Craft Ideas Using Leaves


Autumn decor brings warmth into our homes, as well as color and texture. Fortunately, decorating for autumn doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. By using your imagination and a few inexpensive craft supplies, you can create beautiful autumn crafts that will add some charm to your home decor. Here are 4 fun craft ideas using autumn leaves...   Autumn Leaf Suncatcher What you need: … [Read more...]