Leaf Peeping In Huntsville Ontario

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Huntsville, Ontario is located approximately 133 miles from Toronto, on Highway #60.

There is much to see and do in the area during all seasons, but the autumn scenery brings visitors by the droves.

Huntsville is only a short drive from Algonquin Park. Particularly this time of year, it is an area full of scenic beauty and is alive with the sounds, sights and fragrances of autumn. Huntsville is in the heart of Muskoka and there are lots of activities for the entire family.

Recently, I took my mother and grandson on a trip the to Muskoka area. While there, we explored the Lake of Bays region and Huntsville.

Here are some fall foliage photos and tips if you’d like to make the trip there yourself…

My grandson and I wanted to catch a few fish and enjoy the colors of autumn.

We invited my mother because we both know how much she loves leaf peeping.

Upon arriving in Huntsville, we explored the lakes and rivers and decided to visit the Huntsville Lake of Bays Railway. Though the history of the Railway was interesting and the people fantastic, it was the blaze of color across the landscape that was the height of our visit.

The vibrant colors against the blue of the water of Fairy Lake that is the pride of Muskoka from a panoramic view high on a bluff was truly amazing.

While riding the train up the mountain, we were treated to the awesome Muskoka River as it meandered through the forest. People were hiking the trails of the area and boating and fishing on the Muskoka.

As we rounded the bend, the passengers on the open-air train gasped in delight. Fairy Lake lay below us in all its magnificent glory, surrounded by bright colors. I was especially intrigued by a small island that was easily seen from our perch on the bluff. It truly looked like a place of enchantment that very well could be inhabited by fairies. This area is only accessible by the Huntsville and Lake of Bays Railway.

After a stop of approximately 30 minutes, the train returned to the depot. As we disembarked, the conductor advised us to drive up the the bluff to Lion’s Lookout. There, we were able to see Fairy Lake, the town of Huntsville and get a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside.

Lion’s Lookout is very scenic in itself. There was a pavilion where visitors could sit and rest a spell while taking in the breathtaking beauty. Different bird species, such as whiskey jacks and hairy woodpeckers frequented the area. Bluejays swooped through the air and squabbled over cedar nuts. Black squirrels and grey squirrels scrambled through the woods and leaves looking for acorns and other nuts to store for the winter. There was a picnic table positioned underneath the trees — a perfect place to enjoy lunch together.

If you are planning a leaf peeping vacation, Huntsville Ontario is the place to go! Its magnificent beauty will stay with you for years to come, and you will want to return every autumn.

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