Home Flood Insurance: Answers To All Of Your Flood Insurance Questions

Your homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage.  Did you know that? It's true. Without flood insurance, you could end up paying $311 a month for a disaster home loan in order to get your life back in order after a flood.  On the other hand, if you'd had home flood insurance, you would have been paying an average of $370 a year -- even less in low to moderate risk areas! Believe it or not, you should purchase flood insurance even if you don't live in a flood zone!  That's … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Protect Your Home & Property In The Event Of A House Flood

There are many areas in the United States that typically flood. Depending on where you live, you could be in a in flood plain or even a low-risk flood zone. Floods are the #1 natural hazard in the U.S., occurring in all 50 states. You may say, "Oh well, I don't live near a stream, river, lake or coastline." Even so, everyone lives in a flood zone, whether your home or business is located in a high-, medium-, or low-risk flood zone.  Source As someone who lives in the Pacific … [Read more...]

2 Free Online Tools To Determine If Your House Is In A Flood Zone

As far as flood zones are concerned, I personally found the information available online about flood zones to be confusing to navigate and hard to understand. I was determined to find a faster, better way to tell whether my house was in a flood zone or not. Here's how I did it; and how you can too (for FREE!)...  … [Read more...]

Dangerous And Costly Hurricane Myths Debunked

Quick - do you believe you are safe in a mobile home if you try holding down fort during a hurricane with ties securing the mobile home to strong anchors?  You may be surprised to learn that any mobile home, tied down or not, is not safe during a hurricane. In fact, there are many well-known hurricane facts which are actually dangerous and costly myths.  For example, here are 10 hurricane myths debunked. Be sure you study up on your hurricane knowledge, because: It is not wise … [Read more...]

How To Survive The Storm: Invest In Emergency Survival Kits!

Putting together a survival kit for situations like severe weather is probably one of the smartest things you can do to prepare yourself for Mother Nature's bad days. Often, home survival kits are needed during blackouts or loss of electricity, when you're trapped in your home due to bad weather or you would be putting yourself in immediate danger outside, and when damage or destruction has occurred at the places where you typically buy groceries, clothing, and other necessities of life. … [Read more...]

Hurricane Hugo’s Impact: 20 Years Later

Before Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Andrew, and Charley, the United States had another major hurricane that stole the headlines, destroyed cities and towns, and claimed the lives of many Americans. Hurricane Hugo, which made landfall near Charleston, South Carolina as a major hurricane, struck the Southeastern United States on September 22, 1989. The devastation was widespread. but the U.S. was not the only nation to experience the lashes of Hurricane Hugo. … [Read more...]

Hurricane Warning? 10 Things You Need To Do… Now!


If you live in a hurricane zone, then you already know what kinds of damage a hurricane is capable of wreaking on your life. The fact is, no one can be 100% prepared for a hurricane; they are just too unpredictable. But there are things you can do to lessen the damage that a hurricane can cause. Following are 10 things you can do to help prevent damage to your home, life, and property in the event a hurricane blows through your town... … [Read more...]

Travel Weather Insurance: How Does It Work?


I saw a report a week or so ago on ABC News about weather insurance. Sometimes it's referred to as vacation insurance or travel insurance. Several online companies are offering what they call "vacation insurance," deals in which they will reimburse any parts of a vacation that are ruined.  "We will cover them if their vacation is rained out," Jeff Boyd, CEO of Priceline.com, told Good Morning America.  -- ABC News These days, more and more companies and services are providing weather … [Read more...]

How To Make A Temporary Roof If Yours Gets Damaged By A Hurricane, Tornado, Or Severe Weather Storm


Do you live in an area where there are lots of tornadoes or hurricanes? We used to. Ever had the roof of your house damaged by high winds during a storm? Thankfully, we haven't (yet). But when we lived in Florida (especially when we were on the tiny little island called Gulf Breeze, near Pensacola) "roofs damaged by high winds" were a very common occurrence. I could never find any step-by-step details for making a temporary roof using a blue tarp. And I never understood how the tarp stayed … [Read more...]