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Weatherman Tim

I'm a TV weatherman in south Texas. I get blamed for the bad weather, but I also get credit for the beautiful days. I absolutely love my job!

Ever wonder why we get freezing rain instead of snow? Here's a look at the simple explanation behind winter's most dangerous form of precipitation: ice!

The Dog Days of Summer are legendary, traditional, educational... and hot!

We usually think of summer as that time between Memorial Day at the end of May and Labor Day in the beginning of September. Officially, that's not really the case though. Here's more about 'the first day of summer'... and for that matter, 'the first day of winter'. We'll try to make sense of what's going on during summer solstice and winter solstice.

Big storms like hurricanes are really tough to explain to kids. Here are some great websites which help kids learn about hurricanes, including hurricane safety and hurricane preparedness.

Here are 3 examples where the color of a cloud, combined with the thickness of that cloud, can give you some idea of what's going on weather-wise in the skies behind it. These are scattered cumulus clouds, towering cumulus clouds, and scattered cumulus clouds.

Climate Change is happening, but is it our fault? A recent conference in New York City sought to answer that question. But, the conference was largely ignored by the major media outlets. Why?

It's one thing to look up at the lcouds from the ground. It's another to know how high those clouds are and how many layers of clouds are up there. You can figure that out with a quick glance at a cool weather chart called a SkewT.

Are you looking for a good and affordable rain gauge. Here's a look at some of the gauges available here on the web.

Perspective is a funny thing! The 'beauty' of snow if very much a matter of perspective, and here's a funny story highlighting that fact...