Summer Solstice & Winter Solstice: The First Day Of Winter & First Day Of Summer Explained

We usually think of summer as that time between Memorial Day at the end of May and Labor Day in the beginning of September. Officially, that’s not really the case though. Here’s more about ‘the first day of summer’… and for that matter, ‘the first day of winter’. We’ll try to make sense of what’s going on during summer solstice and winter solstice.

Global Warming: The Untold Story

Climate Change is happening, but is it our fault? A recent conference in New York City sought to answer that question. But, the conference was largely ignored by the major media outlets. Why?

Let it #$@$% Snow!

Perspective is a funny thing! The ‘beauty’ of snow if very much a matter of perspective, and here’s a funny story highlighting that fact…