Too Cold to Snow?

Can it really get too cold to snow? That age-old question is answered in this article by Weatherman Tim.

Final Super Bowl Prediction

Here’s my Super Bowl prediction! It’s highly scientific and has been proven to be accurate 50% of the time!

Global Warming Debate

The global warming debate gets hotter as two respected scientists battle it out in a debate in front of a group of meteorologists.

Wind Chill Explained

Strong wind can make a cold day feel even colder by robbing heat from the human body. Here’s the formula used by the National Weather Service and a link to the wind chill calculator.

Warm Winter Tips For Surviving The Cold

Here are some tips to help you get prepared in the event cold weather rudely barges in to your neighborhood. Here, you’ll find everything from tips to stay warm, to a list of links to online stores selling cold weather gear.