Global Warming: Real or not?

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We could probably do a daily Global Warming Update, but there are plenty of places already doing that. Instead, I promise to continue to keep a look out for pertinent articles, books and stories about the Climate Change and from time to time give you the good stuff here on Here is information about a new book, a recent article about the ice age of the 1970s and other goodies to help you build your knowledge about Global Warming.


If you are as old as I am, you may remember back in the 1970s when the big news magazines all had cover stories about the looming ice age. After some very cold years, it seemed scientists were all proclaiming that our planet’s temperatures were beginning to spiral downward and soon the Earth would be so cold it would be uninhabitable. Well, memory can be a funny thing. At least that’s what a recent article in US Today suggests. This article tells us most scientists were already predicting a global warm-up, despite a few unusually cold years. There is not a single quotation from Al Gore in the article, but the source quoted in the story was a contributor to the report issued by the International Panel on Climate Change.

ClimateConfusion.jpgClimate Confusion. I’m not sure where this book is headed. I’m going to order it, though, just because the subtitle is provocative. “How Global Warming Hysteria Leads To Bad Science, Pandering Politicians, and Misguided Policies That Hurt The Poor” makes me go “hmmmm.” There’s little doubt there is some bad science out there, there is absolutely no doubt about the pandering polictions, and I’m curious about the author’s take on the “misguided policies that hurt the poor.” My reading time is going to be extremely limited the next few weeks, but when I read the book – I’ll give you my thoughts on it. In the meantime, I welcome your take!


It’s called “State of the Canadian Cryosphere.”
SOCC keeps track of the snow and ice deposits in Canada and shows past, current and expected future trends. The site is from Environment Canada and can keep you “entertained” for hours. Click and learn!


I got a phone call from a friend earlier this week. He said he heard a report on television stating the increase in damage from landfalling hurricanes the past few years has been because of global warming. The report also said the tragic December 2004 Tsunami happened because of global climate change. Read this article written by some of the world’s leading hurricane researchers. In it, you’ll learn that the increase in dollar damage along the United States coastline from landfalling hurricanes is a result of an increasing population along the coast – building more expensive buildings.
As for the tsunami, well, it was caused by an earthquake. Even if the planet is warming, even if it’s our fault, it is very, very difficult to tie an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide to a shift in tectonic plates deep beneath the surface of the earth. The television report blaming increasing hurricane damage and deadly tsunamis on global climate change is pure bull.

And that is this week’s global warming update!