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Global Warming

The Little Ice Age brought about a major climate change and centuries of cooler weather -- including the 'Year Without A Summer.'

The ozone layer is found in the stratosphere and helps protect us from ultra violet light. Find out about the ozone hole and how nations around the world are helping to fix it.

What is the effect of climate change on fall colors? Does climate change mean no more autumn? Here's everything you want to know about climate change and fall foliage!

Have you heard about a major storm being called a Category 6 hurricane? That's fake news! There are only 5 hurricane categories. See why Category 6 hurricanes don't exist.

Here are 7 weird weather events we're hearing about lately -- deadly heat, record rain, monster hurricanes, firenados, record snowfall, chemtrails, and weird clouds.

Global Cooling

Years ago, many climate scientists talked about global cooling, yet today they discuss global warming. Here's some of the science behind the climate debate.

Why is there so much media buzz about the polar vortex? How is a polar vortex related to blizzards, nor'easters, and winter weather? What you need to know.

Hypercanes are the most severe hurricanes that could ever form. Just how high could the winds of such a mega hurricane be? The answer might blow your socks off.

Climate change is always a hot topic these days. Find out what climate change, global warming, and global cooling mean for you.