How To Explain A Hurricane To Kids: 4 Great Resources That Help Kids Understand Hurricanes

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Trying to understand a hurricane is tough for even the most seasoned meteorologists.

That makes big storms like hurricanes really tough to explain to kids.


Today, we’re going to help you find the right words to explain a hurricane to your child…


What Is A Hurricane?

These are the best weather websites and videos that specialize in using easy-to-understand language to describe hurricanes:

#1 – Ready: A National Public Service Campaign covers the basic do’s and don’ts regarding hurricane safety and important words that all children should know.

#2 – Weather Wiz Kids is geared toward slightly older kids and goes a bit deeper into its explanations of hurricanes, how they form, and what kind of problems they can cause.

#3 – The University Corporation For Atmospheric Research maintains this Web Weather For Kids page where the following things are explained: Where hurricanes form, What a hurricane needs to survive, Hurricane strength, Storm surge, Impact of a hurricane, and excellent Hurricane safety tips.

#4 – Earth Science For Kids explains hurricanes in depth, including these topics: What is a hurricane? When do hurricanes occur? How do hurricanes form? What are the parts of a hurricane? Are hurricanes dangerous? How are hurricanes named?

In this video, Typhoon Tom and Stormy help explain hurricanes for kids:

Hurricanes For Kids Part 1


This cartoon video helps young kids understand hurricanes: