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Count on TheFunTimesGuide to Weather to give you the first score prediction for Super Bowl XLII! The super-secret scientific formula is revealed here.

Looking for some great pictures of the Amazing Skies above us? NASA has some great photos from space!

Kids can have a lot of fun learning about weather and the power of nature. Children can learn from respected sources about Hurricanes and tornadoes... weather safety and emergency procedures... and everything in between!

Predicting the Super Bowl winner can be tricky business. So, why not use weather as your baseline? Here's a surefire formula to predict the winner of any football game. This formula has been proven to work . . . about 50% of the time!

What are the chances of a white Christmas at your house? Statistics and forecasts help us figure that out.

Kids making snowman like only little kids know how... cute and small.

An example of government dollars hard at work -- a snow plow shoveling show.

My tribute to some of the most creative snow artists alive. Pictures of snowmen, snow women, and snow people... doing what snowmen do best: Hangin' out and enjoying the snow!

Here's a little fun you can have with a penguin who writes your message in the snow.