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Severe Weather Tips – Your one-stop helpful information hub for everything you need to know when severe weather hits.

The best survival kits. Everyone should have one - especially if you enjoy the outdoors. The 10 best survival kits for home, work, and travel + The 8 best survival tools that could save your life.

One of my friends describes her scary experience of being struck by lightning during pregnancy. And I have some lightning safety tips if you're caught outside

Storm Surge

A storm surge is the bulge of water that rises under a hurricane or tropical storm when it makes landfall. Flooding causes the most damage. How to stay safe

Before you grab a snow shovel, here's some snow shoveling etiquette you should know! Do's and don'ts when it comes to shoveling snow at your home.

Road ice is dangerous not just during the winter but all year long! Here's how to drive on ice in 5 scenarios: snow, sleet, black ice, hail, and manmade ice

The most dangerous weather events are lightning, tornadoes, winter storms, extreme heat & floods. These 31 deadly weather facts prove it! Protect yourself.

Want to see how close lightning is? Use a lightning map! Here are some FREE lightning strike maps, apps, and guides to help you keep an eye on the lightning

Lightning Safety

These lightning safety tips could save your life! Here's how to protect yourself from lightning strikes - especially if you're stuck outside during a storm.

Why is there so much media buzz about the polar vortex? How is a polar vortex related to blizzards, nor'easters, and winter weather? What you need to know.