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Have you noticed how different the 4 weather seasons are across the US? See when spring starts, when summer starts, when fall starts, when winter starts this year.

Spring Weather Events

Spring weather brings all kinds of amazing sights, including blooming flowers and baby animals. Find out what else spring has in store for nature lovers!

Where is Tornado Alley? What about Dixie Alley, Hoosier Alley and Carolina Alley? Here's an updated Tornado Alley map plus Tornado Alley facts & safety tips

science facts

Many people don't really know what causes the seasons or what the brightest star in the sky is. These science facts may astound you!

Near-record and record temperatures sprang up across much of the nation during spring 2010.

Just as the popular saying goes, April showers really do bring May flowers! Here's why...

Bored? Not a great day to be outdoors? You can stay entertained indoors with these challenging and fun weather quiz tests.

These 7 tornado videos will remind you of the amazing power and destruction tornadoes can unleash.

Here we explain the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning, including the different intensities of tornado damage -- from F1 to F5 -- and what you can expect. Plus how to stay safe during a tornado