When Is Tornado Season? Tornado Facts + Answers To Your Top Tornado Questions


Is there a tornado season?The answer is “yes" with a BIG asterisk.  That asterisk? Tornado season in your part of the country may be different than in another region of the United States.You see, unlike hurricanes, which generally form between June 1 and November 30 (a timeframe known as hurricane season), there is not really a defined “season” for tornadoes, per se.Tornadoes can develop at any time in the year (hurricanes can, too, though they are extremely rare from December … [Read more...]

4 Awesome Sky Events You Can See Without A Telescope – Here’s When & Where To View Them!

sky events

Do you enjoy watching sky events?Outer space weather is always fun to observe and, best of all, it will never force you to open your umbrella… unless a couple falling meteorites decide to rain on your parade, that is.While you may not always hear about sky events on the local weather forecast, there’s pretty much always something going on in the exosphere and beyond that’s worthy of your attention. … [Read more...]

What Is A Galileo Thermometer? How Do Galilean Thermometers Work?

galileo thermometer

Looking for a great piece of art that can also tell you the temperature?If so, then a Galileo thermometer is exactly what you need.As a weather bug, I was quite excited to receive a Galilean thermometer as a Christmas gift.While Galileo thermometers measure indoor temperatures, they also make a fantastic complement to an indoor porthole barometer and/or a home weather station receiver.It’s sort of a lava lamp for weather geeks like me, I’d even say!  … [Read more...]

7 Cool Facts About Unseasonably Warm Chinook Winds And How Chinooks Affect The Weather

chinook winds

If you live in the Great Plains or anywhere in the Pacific Northwest, you probably are quite familiar with Chinook winds. Also known as a Foehn – or Fohn wind – Chinooks are a type of dry, warm winter wind that commonly occurs on the downslope, or lee side, of a mountain.A Chinook wind occurs when warm air that has lost most of its moisture on the windward side of a slope slides down the leeward side. … [Read more...]

Alberta Clipper Snow Storms: What You Need To Know About Alberta Clippers In The Winter

alberta clipper

You've probably heard of an Alberta clipper before.While Los Angeles also has 'clippers,' those are the kind that are more likely to make a 3-point shot on the basketball court than dump snow in the winter, like the clippers from Alberta do.You see, Alberta clippers are a type of winter storm system that usually forms over Alberta, Canada.Clipper winter storms are also known to form in the other lower Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. These are called Manitoba … [Read more...]

20 Fun Facts About Snow

snow facts

About the time fall starts turning into winter, most people in the United States begin trading in their leaf-gathering rakes for snow-scooping shovels.Yes, snow can be downright fun for some and complete misery for others, but when you learn the facts about snow, you may come to appreciate the science – and wonder – of wintry precipitation just a little bit more. Well, maybe...And, if you’re so inclined, you may even want to try a few tricks to make it snow just so you can catch a … [Read more...]

What’s The Fall Weather Report? Find Out Here!

fall weather report

What’s the fall weather report look like in your neck of the woods? Cooling, with a chance of winter toward the end of the forecast…But, seriously, where do you turn for the latest updates on fall weather?As a fall fanatic myself, I normally spend much of my free time on the internet between the months of August and October checking out the latest information on fall foliage report sites, fall color trackers, and climate data banks.In most parts of the country, the weeks immediately … [Read more...]

What To Do If Lightning Strikes Your Car

lightning car

Being on the road in a car while lightning is flashing all around me is something I don't think much about when it's happening, given that I was born and raised in Florida, a state historically known as the Lightning Capital of the World. But, I have always wondered what would happen if lightning were to hit my car while I was driving. How do I stay safe in that situation?I have grown up hearing that cars are generally a safe place to be during a thunderstorm, and that lightning really can’t … [Read more...]

How Likely Is An Asteroid Impact Here On Earth?

asteroid impact

If you’ve seen movies such as Deep Impact and Armageddon, you’ve probably come to realize that an asteroid impact here on Earth would be an absolutely devastating event that could result in terrible loss of life and massive destruction on a scale unlike we have ever seen.But, have you ever wondered what the chances are that an asteroid would hit Earth and leave behind the catastrophic mayhem like we have seen in the movies?The scary reality is that Earth has been hit by massive asteroids … [Read more...]

10 Exosphere Facts: The Transition Between The Atmosphere And Outer Space


At roughly 300 miles from sea level to the top of the thermosphere, the bulk of Earth’s atmosphere is relatively thin compared to the 8,000-mile diameter of our planet.At the very top of the atmosphere is the exosphere, which is usually considered as the lower boundary of interplanetary space.The exosphere is a relatively mysterious place, at least compared to the lower layers of our atmosphere.Considering that we live in the troposphere, and that 3 other atmospheric layers divide us … [Read more...]