You Want Tornado Facts? Here Are 20 Interesting Things About Tornadoes I Bet You Didn’t Know

Tornado Facts

Knowing some basic tornado facts can help keep you safe during the months of spring and early summer, when tornadoes are most common in many areas of the United States. That's when tornado season is at its peak, though twisters can occur any time during the year.  Tornadoes are complex weather phenomena, as are the storms that produce them. There's much about tornadoes that meteorologists are still trying to understand about them so they can better forecast when and where they'll … [Read more...]

When Is Tornado Season? Tornado Facts + Answers To Your Top Tornado Questions


Is there a tornado season? The answer is “yes" with a BIG asterisk.  That asterisk? Tornado season in your part of the country may be different than in another region of the United States. You see, unlike hurricanes, which generally form between June 1 and November 30 (a timeframe known as hurricane season), there is not really a defined “season” for tornadoes, per se. Tornadoes can develop at any time in the year (hurricanes can, too, though they are extremely rare from December … [Read more...]

Should We Be Naming Winter Storms? Why One Weather Watcher Thinks The Idea Is On Thin Ice

naming winter storms

There's been a flurry of attention lately about the move The Weather Channel has made on naming winter storms. The network, which has been on the air since 1982, has stood behind the move that has been getting frosty reviews by many. While as a Floridian I live in a state that is lucky if it sees a dusting of flurries once every couple of years, I am no stranger to the idea of naming storms. Do the names Andrew, Charley, or Donna ring a bell, anyone? Of course, here in Florida, we get … [Read more...]

Hypercanes: Severe Hurricanes You Wouldn’t Want to Mess With


You know those severe hurricanes in the movies that wipe out entire cities, wash away beaches, and render millions of people homeless? The computers at Hollywood’s studios aren’t the only ones cooking these devastating storms – those at the desks of some weather scientists across the United States are, too. As a resident of Florida – you know, that spit of land in Hurricane Alley that eerily seems to break off the U.S. mainland and sink into an Atlantic abyss in every other potential … [Read more...]

Heat Waves: Oppressive & Dangerous Periods Of Hot Weather

Summer weather is hot, but some days during the summer months just get too hot to handle. Those are days when a heat wave takes over and makes things nearly oppressive. Heat waves are long periods of heat and, often, increased humidity. Because a heat wave in one region may be 'usual weather' someplace else, the term 'heat wave' is often relative. Though Florida regularly experiences temperatures of over 90 degrees from June through September every day, a whole week of such weather in New … [Read more...]

Lifesaving Tornado Shelter And Safety Tips: All The Best Ways To Stay Safe During The Storm!

Finding shelter during a tornado is vital to your survival. By the time a tornado is heading toward you, it's usually too late to make a plan. That's why you should know what your best option is when it comes to finding a quick tornado shelter in midst of a storm. It could literally save your life!  Here's what you need to know about the best places to take shelter during a tornado...  … [Read more...]

Take These Fun Weather Quiz Tests To See How Much You Know About The Weather

Are you ready to test your knowledge of the weather? It's time to flex your brain with these fun-but-challenging weather quiz tests. Some of these may just have you scratching your head! Air Pressure Quiz - 5 questions about air pressure as it pertains to the weather. Causes of Climate Change Quiz - Do you know what causes climate change? Climate Quiz - 6 questions to test your knowledge about weather and the climate. Clouds Quiz - 5 questions relating to clouds and cloud … [Read more...]

2 Free Online Tools To Determine If Your House Is In A Flood Zone

As far as flood zones are concerned, I personally found the information available online about flood zones to be confusing to navigate and hard to understand. I was determined to find a faster, better way to tell whether my house was in a flood zone or not. Here's how I did it; and how you can too (for FREE!)...  … [Read more...]

Vital Winter Health Tips That Will Save Your Life

The American Heart Association is worried about your winter health. Many people suffer from hypothermia or have heart attacks while shoveling snow.Check out the following vital winter health tips in order to avoid suffering any severe heatlh problems in the cold, snowy weather this winter:Take breaks often while shoveling the snow; give your heart time to rest.Layer dress to protect yourself from hypothermia. … [Read more...]