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Stay Safe This Summer With A Lightning Detector

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By Joshua

lightning-detector-photo-by-deansouglass.jpgLightning is dangerous, injuring and even killing people every year.

One way that you can stay safe when you’re outdoors and lightning is approaching is to keep a lightning detector on your person at all times.

They’re small and lightweight enough that they’re simple to carry around.

Most fit right in the palm of your hand!

The best part about lightning detectors is the fact that they can let you know when lightning is within 5, 10, even 40 miles of where you are!

If you’re a golfer, beach lover, bike rider, Sunday car cruiser, or someone who likes to take frequent walks outdoors, then you’d be crazy not to have a lightning detector with you — especially on potentially stormy days.


The Best Lightning Safety Tips

Many people may be think that 30 minutes is a long time to wait after a storm has passed. The NLSI reports that, statistically, more lightning originates from the backside of a storm than the front side. The use of lightning detection or prediction devices should help you determine at what point a threatening storm has breached or exited a safe distance from the event venue. However, the 30-30 rule can help you determine the possible settings for your device. The NLSI and NWS both suggest a safe distance of 6 to 8 miles, which is concurrent with their 30-30 rule.  Source