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Driving in bad weather is a cause of many auto accidents, but here are some tips that'll help prevent bad weather car crashes and keep you safe on the road.

LED traffic lights might save money on the power bill, but in the winter they may cost your life. Find out why LED traffic signals may be dangerous during the winter and what may be done about this sticky problem.

Perhaps you're wondering how the weather affects fall colors and how foliage actually changes colors in the fall. Here are some tips.

The one-of-a-kind water escape tool that everyone's talking about is the Life Hammer. You can use it to escape from a car accident or use it to rescue someone else who's trapped in their vehicle. I'm getting a Life Hammer for friends & relatives this Christmas.


Do you know how long you can survive without food? Without shelter? Without water? Without air? You should teach everyone in your family The Rule of Threes in case you ever find yourself stranded and seeking rescue.