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Life Hammer… The Only Tool You Need To Escape From Your Car Underwater?

original-red-life-hammer.jpgNo, it’s not fun talking about the possibility of drowning in the event that your car is trapped underwater.

But with the recent bridge collapse in Minnesota, I’m reminded of a handy little tool that’s been advertised for years.

Now I’m wondering how many have actually purchased one. Better yet, how many people have actually used one in an emergency?

The one-of-a-kind escape tool that everyone’s talking about is the Life Hammer.

I’ve seen the Life Hammer being demonstrated on TV several times, including this morning on ABC. (I wish I could find video of Sam Champion demonstrating its use… it was one of the best I’ve seen.)

Here’s a basic videos showing how the Life Hammer works:

Here are more Tips on Escaping a Sinking Car from ABC.

From the Life Hammer FAQ:

Q: Is this a tool just in case I drive into a canal or other body of water?

A: Absolutely not. The LifeHammer can be used for a number of situations. If you are ever in a front or side collision and your doors are jammed, use the LifeHammer to get out. Same thing for a rollover accident … You can also use your LifeHammer to help others if you ever witness an accident and someone is in need.”


Why I Like The Life Hammer Escape Tool

I like that it can be useful in a number of different situations — not just underwater. And I appreciate the fact that such a tool might come in handy when someone else needs rescued.

Without a doubt, keeping a Life Hammer in your vehicle could save a life… or two… or three! It’s definitely on my Christmas list this year. (Now you all know what you’re getting.)

In case you’re wondering, the Life Hammer comes with a simple mounting system. You can place it on your dash (ehhh), in your glove compartment (not so smart), or down by your feet where you can easily reach it in an emergency.

The only “catch” is… one is probably not enough. If you’re going to get a Life Hammer, you probably want to get one for each vehicle in your family.

Oddly enough, it comes in 3 different colors. And, if you want to always have a Life Hammer at hand, no matter what vehicle you’re in (think public transportation, a friend’s car), then you might like the Res Q Me keychain version of the Life Hammer.

It’s available with a full-size Life Hammer or in a 2-pack set of keychain tools.