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When does summer end? The calendar tells us one thing, but astronomy tells us something else. See how meteorologists officially determine the end of summer.

What's perfect swimming weather? Check out what most people consider comfortable air temperatures and water temperatures for swimming -- then break out your goggles and snorkel!

Record temperatures are usually either hot or cold. Here are 10 record temperatures from both sides of the thermometer.


The outer layer of our atmosphere (the exosphere) is a mysterious place between the atmosphere & outer space. See how high up it is & how scientists tell where outer space begins.

Fair weather cumulus clouds form when the weather is stable & good. These puffy white clouds mean its safe to go out and enjoy the outdoors w/o the risk of bad weather

Ever wonder why we get freezing rain instead of snow? Here's a look at the simple explanation behind winter's most dangerous form of precipitation: ice!


Anybody can study and enjoy meteorology. In fact, thousands of people are self-declared amateur meteorologists!

Why is Florida SO hot? Is it getting even hotter? Here's WHY Florida is hot ... from a meteorologist's viewpoint, based on the weather and climate.

Did you know it can snow when it's above freezing outside? See why this happens, the highest temperature for snow, and the temperature at which snow melts.