How You Can Help Save The Rainforest And Slow Global Warming

If you’re concerned about the environment and global warming, then you’ll be glad to know there are very simple things you can do to help protect the tropical rainforest. Here are some ways to stop global warming and save the rainforest.

Renewable Energy For The Future Of Planet Earth

Who knew that there was a difference between the concepts of alternate fuel and alternate energy? Not many people on Planet Earth! We have made ourselves so dependent upon power from fossil fuel sources, that the entire world is being held captive by a very few oil-rich countries. How did these few sources come to have so
much and other countries so little? They got it by eminent domain — it was on their land when they arrived.

Global Warming – Who Do We Blame?

It’s hard to know who to believe about Global Warming. We know the planet is warming, but how much of the warming is caused by humans? We’re all searching for answers.