How The Clean Air Act Affects You

by Joshua

Air Quality, Energy, Global Warming

clean-air-act-photo-by-akeg.jpg You’ve probably heard about the Clean Air Act for decades.

The Clean Air Act is a set of laws the United States has on controlling air pollution and keeping checks on overall air quality.

If you’ve been curious about finding out more about the many laws and codes of the Clean Air Act and how they may apply to you, where you live, or where you work, check out the EPA’s Clean Air Act online.

Everything you want to know about the Clean Air Act — and more — can be found there.

Smoke from factories, carbon dioxide from energy consumption, and emissions from cars all are things that the Clean Air Act addresses and aims to regulate.

Did You Know?…

Atmospheric carbon dioxide levels were 35% higher in 2005 than they were before the Industrial Revolution in the 1700s.

Here’s more about the history of the Clean Air Act.


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